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Woodroller Cone XL

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  • Description
    The Erzi Woodroller Cone is ideal for performing a whole variety of different exercises aimed at producing an enhanced depth penetration effect. It serves to free the groin, chest and posterior muscles from strain and tension.
    In addition, the Woodroller Cone is a great tool for targeted trigger-point massage apart from being smooth to handle.
    The hardness and weight plus the shape – similar to that of the Rugby Ball – all contribute to the efficiency of working with this natural beech product.
    The Woodroller Cone is smooth to the touch and can be put to effective use for manual self-massage. Applying the shorter taper serves to ease obstinate muscular tension Localised massage of the neck and shoulder muscles is also facilitated. It almost goes without saying that the Woodroller Cone is ideal for performing fascia-tissue exercises in a reclining posture down on the floor, particularly in the posterior and groin regions.
    • Made in Germany-Siegel
    dimension: 0x150x0 mm
    weight: 0.58 kg
    material: Buche
    surface: gewachst
No toy! Sports goods! Please keep manufacturer's reference.

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