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Woodroller Rugby Ball

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  • Description
    Working with the Erzi Woodroller Rugby Ball provides a unique form of fascia-tissue training.
    It facilitates reaching groups of muscles previously hard to get at. Its soft curves can be used for a soothing massage.
    The exceptional shape of the Erzi Rugby Ball allows the user to reach those special muscles that run past the groin. This region is one of the major contributory causes of pain experienced in the regions of the groin and back. The posterior and chest muscles likewise benefit from the relaxation and invigorating effect produced by the Erzi Rugby Ball.
    The pointed taper facilitates deep and localised trigger-point massage as well as loosening tackiness of the fascia connective tissue.
    • Made in Germany-Siegel
    dimension: 0x200x0 mm
    weight: 0.61 kg
    material: Buche
    surface: gewachst
No toy! Sports goods! Please keep manufacturer's reference.

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