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Educational Game Numbers

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    content: 29 pieces (2x 1-9; 4x 0; 1x +-:x<>=)

    material: birch plywood, coloured laquered

    Learning numerals and symbols is an activity taken literarily by Erzi.
    The Erzi “hands-on” approach is a useful means of understanding numerals and symbols.
    Outlining the characters and then cutting them out, crafting or simply tracing them with a stylus is a good way to commit numbers to memory, thus underlining the importance of this activity, especially for preschool children.
    The characters can be used for understanding simple arithmetic operations and size comparisons
    The tactile feel of these wooden plates also makes them useful for special educational needs as for instance those of the partially sighted or blind. Positioning the marking point in the bottom right-hand corner of the plate ensures that the digit is not upside down. Size wooden plate: 7 x 5 x 0,4 cm
    • CE-Siegel
    • ASTM-Siegel
    • Made in Germany-Siegel
    dimension: 150x160x46 mm
    weight: 0.32 kg
    age: 4+
    material: Birkensperrholz
    surface: farbig lackiert
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