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Educational Game Sort and Compare

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  • Description
    content: 21 different wooden pieces, 2 wooden bowls, sorting templates to be cut out of fleece (40x40cm)
    material: beech, nature and coloured laquered; polyester fleece printed
    Differences are easiest to convey through examples. Our educational game provides a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours – turning sorting and comparing into child‘s play!
    Various contrasts are visually depicted on the printed fleece templates. The individual contrast tasks (small – large, round – square) can be cut out, and then the small parts are sorted according to the instructions with the help of the two wooden bowls. The game can be expanded easily by simply incorporating objects from the direct play environment when sorting. So, can you find more round, square, colourful ... things?
    This game promotes motor skills, thinking structures, language, communication, a feel for haptics, an understanding of colours, etc.

    • CE-Siegel
    • ASTM-Siegel
    • Made in Germany-Siegel
    dimension: 145x505x75 mm
    weight: 0.365 kg
    age: 4+
    material: Buche, Polyester
    surface: farbig lackiert, bedruckt
Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Choking hazard.
Small parts and small balls.
Please keep manufacturer's reference.

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