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Woodroll structure

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    These classical fascia rolls cater for enjoyable soothing massage applications as well as for constructive activation and mobility workouts. It is the use of natural beech incorporating inherent warmth along with stability and high quality that makes our fascia rolls so incomparable.
    Nothing could be better for sports-event training, daily back-training exercises or just for sheer relaxation brought about by a thorough self-massage. The natural state of the material makes fascia training a very special experience indeed!
    Erzi Fascia Woodrolls are the perfect thing for stimulating and relaxing the muscles before engaging in any strenuous activity or purely and simply for revitalisation. On account of their large-dimensioned bearing surface and the gentle pressure exerted, the rolls are ideal for users preparing for other Erzi Woodroll shapes producing a greater depth penetration effect.
    • Made in Germany-Siegel
    dimension: 145x310x145 mm
    weight: 1.87 kg
    material: Buche
    surface: gewachst
No toy! Sports goods! Please keep manufacturer's reference.

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